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Background of the Foundation

The National Foundation Pope Clementi XI-Albani   is a non-profit organization registered under the Decision No.57 dated 24.09.2002 by the District Court of Tirana. The Foundation’s mission is disseminating and informing of all type of knowledge as historical, religion, cultural, literary etc with the community and the citizens,

The main focus of the foundation is to promote the Pope Clementi XI-Albany’s figure and acts (1700-1721) , the 243-th Pope of the Holy See.

As a religious Foundation, it is our scope to promote the impact of the Pope Clementi XI-Albani in different field such as historical, religion, art, culture etc. by promoting it thought different kind of activities in Albania, Italy and many other countries.

One of our biggest project is to seek aid and contribute from different public and also private subjects in order to commit the foundation’s scope and also raise money for the people in need.

It intends is to demand grants through the projects, initiatives and various activities of public entities and private local, national and international entities, to use the grants in favour of the realization of the Foundation’s mission.

The Foundation National “Pope Clementi XI-Albani’’  was founded by Mr. Zef Bushati, the Cavalier First Class the Great Cross of the Order Piano and a group of initiators.

Dr. Zef Bushati is the President and the official representative of the Foundation.

The Foundation has the Governing Board and the Governing Bodies according to the Statute.

There is the Academic Senate and the Scientific Committee.

In order to honor the friendship between the countries for their social contribute to the pace and  human values this foundation evaluates with the titles:

Member of the “Order of the Cross of Gold” of the Foundation.

Honor Member of the Foundation.

Foundation activities over the years

The Foundation has organized  Conferences in Tirana with the title “Pope Clement and Albania” where were discussed topics by scholars and historians: “Pope Clement XI-Albani inspiring Arberi Assembly”, “Some Albanian ancestors of Pope Clement”, “Cultural and linguistic significance of the Assembly of Arberi and Pope Clement”,  “Changes in the religious panorama of Albania and Pope Clement”  “Pope Clement and Assembly of Arberi”, etc.

 This foundation has managed to organize several conferences in Tirana in order to discuss different topics such as “ Predecessors of the Pope Clement” , “ Changes of religious in Albania ”  etc.

The Foundation has organized in Rome in cooperation with the Embassy of Albania in the Vatican ed the Embassy of Albania in the Italy, in the Church of the Albanian Catholic Community  “Shen Giovanni della Malva” in Trastevere, “Eucharistic celebration on the occasion of the 284th anniversary death of Pope Clementi XI Albani”.

The Foundation has given its contribution in the organization of the inauguration of the street name and Multifunctional Center  “Ate Anton Luli ” and honored him Anton Luli (after death) with the title of “Order of the Cross of Gold”

The Foundation has organized in Rome, in cooperation with the Embassy of the Republic of Albania in Italy and with the Embassy of Albania in the Vatican’s Holy See, Conference on topic: “Balkan Objective: New Frontiers for Internationalization”. The conference included high figures of the Vatican and Italy. In conclusion, he was honored with the title of “Order of the Cross of Gold “, Vatican Secretary of State as well as other personalities. Also honored were personalities with the title “Honorary Member” of the Foundation.

The Foundation has organized in Tirana every year on December 25th “Gala evening” on the occasion of Christmas Feast.

Foundation every year on the occasion of the birth and death of Pope Clement XI Albani has prompted the historian and publicist for publishing the scriptures dedicated to his figures and the “Arberi Assembly” which was organized by Pope Clement in 1703 in Melci of Lezha – Albania.

The foundation is twinned with the Bonifaciana Academy, Norman Academy, Mauriziana International Academy in Italy, The Order of St. Michael’s Cavaliers in the US, The Order of St. Paul and St. Paul’s Cavaliers in Australia, “Catholic University Santa Maria in Kinshasa-Congo”, “Association for Democracy Meetings” –Italy “Cavaliers di San Silvestro Association” -Itali etc,

and works to expand the contacts with other Foundations and Academies in different countries of Europe and the World.

In joint activities of the Foundation in Rome with the Bonifaciana Academy and Norman Akademy are honored with titles high personalities of the Catholic and Intellectual Church, Professors, Generals, Doctors, etc.

The Foundation has 53 Members of “The Order of the Cross of Gold”, among them His Mr. Cardinal Pietro Parolin Secretary of State Vatican City, Sua Sig. Cardinal Agostino Vallini, Vicar General of His Holiness Pope Francis, H.E. Cardinal Paul Poupard, Cardinal Sig. Jose Saraiva Martins, H.E. Sig. Cardinal Dario Castrillon Hoyos, H.E. Mons. Mr. Anton Ciliberti Archbishop Emeritus, S.E. Mons. Fr. Croce Croci,  Avv. Jeffrey Lena State Vatican City, On.Dott.essa Rosy Bindi, On.Dott.essa Francesca Gerardi,   Gen.Prof. Stefano Murace, Prof. Dott.Comm. Giulio Tarro PhD MD, Gen.Cav. Dr.Rock Panunzi, Duke Riccardo Giordani of Willemburg, etc., etc. The Foundation has 32 “Honor Members”

The Foundation has its Representatives in the USA, Italy, Germany, Portugal Brazil, England, Bolivia, etc.

Conference of 20 May 2017 in one of the halls of Hotel Imperial in Tirana took place on the topic: “Pope Clement XI between Albania and Vatican” Subjects from history and Albanian and Italian scholars were discussed: “Pope Clement XI-Albani and Iliricum Sacrum”, “A protagonist of the Albanian family for four centuries in Italian and European history.” “Pope Clement XI, Mysteries and secrets of the Albani Urbino Palace”. The conference also attended by Austria, Italy, Bulgaria, Romania and others.

In addition to activities the leaders of the Foundation are working to raise funds for the opening of a Catholic Church devoted to Pope Clement XI, for the opening of an Academy where to study the history of Pope Clement XI and of the Albanian Catholic Church, opening of a school for children with the name of Pope Clement XI, etc.

For the realization of these projects the Foundation is looking to get support and sponsorship for the qualification of young people at master level in European and American Universities

The Foundation continues its activity as a non-profit organization and Central Office has Albania in Tirana on the Road Osman Myderrizi, P 1 Ap.18 welcoming for his activity and constantly increasing authority as one a serious and high-level foundation.

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