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Delegato per lo Stato del Nepal

Name : Piya Ratna Maharjan
Sex : Male
Date of Birth : 21.04.1967
Nationality : Nepalese
Marital Status : Married
Religious Affiliate : Buddhist (Former Buddhist Monk)
Home Address : 111 Tathagath Marg, Buddha Nagar
New Baneshwor, Kathmandu
GPO Box No. 8973, NPC 571
New Baneshwor, Kathmandu, Nepal
Tel: : 01-4784019, 4444871, 4781081
Cell: : 977-9860784333, 9808530779
Email: : ,
WhatsApp : +9779860784333
Website :

FB Id Piya Ratna
Line : piyaratna

Dr. Piya Ratna Maharjan is Social & Community development Worker

International Peace Ambassador Peace Activist, Global Youth & Networker
based in Nepal.

He has an extensive experienced on youth development and International
Affairs. he us well recognized at both local and global at glance with having
High Level connection back home country.

He was awared the top awards such as Stockholm World Peace Award, World
Humanitarian Award, Mahatma Gandhi Global award, Human Rights and
Ambassador of Peace Awards

  1. Academic Qualification Detail
    S.N. Qualification Name of University/Board Division Year
    1 Master Degree Buddhist & Pali University of Sri


First 1992
2 Diploma in English Open University of Sri Lanka First 1988
3 PhD International Peace University,

Germany 2019

  1. Professional experiences and Organizations Involved
    Organization: International Youth Society
    Position: President
    Program: Global Youth Leadership Conference
    Global Youth Forum, Global Citizen Summit

Organization: Track Nepal
Position: President
Organization: Metta Center Buddhist Organization (NGO)
Position: Founder President
Organization: United Nation World Peace Association (Nepal Chapter)
Position Nepal Representative Head
Organization: Interreligious Association for Peace and Development

(IAPD) Nepal
Position: Secretary General

Organization: International Buddhist Education Center

(IBEC-Nepal Chapter)
Position: Secretary General
Organization: Young Men Buddhist Association
Position: Executive Member
Organization: IATM
Position : President: Nepal Chapter
Global Peace Ambassador

Organization: Step Nepal
Position : Board Member
Organization: Interreligious Peace Federation Nepal
Position : Board Member
Organization: NIRN- Nepal
Position Board Member

Teaching Profession (Taiwan)
Lecturer and Trainer
T’sulin University, Tashu, Kaohsiung, Taiwan.
Year : 1994-1996
Department of Buddhist Philosophy & Social Studies

  1. Main Responsibilities
    o Prepare proposal, budgeting for new program.
    o Prepare work plan and implement activities.
    o Database management of implemented activities.
    o Support to Conduct/organize CFCC level joint monitoring and Internal monitoring
    with close coordination with Monitoring Sub-Committee to ensure effective and
    quality implementation of activities.
    o Prepare Periodic report of implemented activities and submit to partner
    o Coordination with GLA, I/NGOs and CFUGs

o Organize and call meetings, Write meeting minute and do follow up for
implementation of meeting decisions.

  1. Professional Skill
     Coordination with International, local level NGOs, I/NGOs, CBOs and
    cooperative groups for institutional development.
     Good Facilitation skill for Organize and conduct different
    trainings/workshops/meetings regarding Youth Development and SDG,
     Community mobilization and empowerment in social related field.
     Planning and Monitoring of program activities for quality implementation in social
  2. Training/Workshop/Seminar Related to Professional Experience
    S.N. Training title Date

Organizer From To

1 Strategic Plan Preparation and
Institutional Development


2 Women Leadership Development

3 Youth Development Skills Asia pacific
Women Watch
4 Global Youth Summit Track Nepal
5 Survey training on reproductive health
and bio-diversity conservation

6 Training of Trainers Dhulikhel MSF
7 Population, Health and Environment

8 Proposal and report writing training UPF
9 Facilitation skill development training
for local resource person (Refresher)

10 Monastic Seminar on Peace FKS
11 Community based hunting control

Caritas Poland
12 Good governance facilitator’s training FHI Kathmandu
13 International youth assemble Youth Vision
14 Community forestry management

World Vision

15 Advocacy for good governance and
right based development (Workshop)

Care Nepal

16 Right based approach and advocacy
for partner organization


  1. International Exposure

Participated in 1995 Relief / Disaster Project (volunteer)

Kobe, Japan Earthquake
1995 – Seminary Workshop (presenter) Manila, Philippines
1995 – World Sangha Buddhist Council (participant)Penang, Malaysia
1996 – Buddhist – Vatican Dialogue (coordinator) Republic Of China
1996 – Meditation Program (teacher) Kawloong, Hong Kong
1996 – Retreat Program (special guest) Nagoya, Japan
1997 – Social Works (speaker) Singapore
1998 – Social Works Visits France, Germany
2000 – Dhammakaya (observer) Thailand
2002 – Coronation Solo Palace (special guest) Solo, Indonesia
2003 – Assumption University Bangkok, Thailand
2003 – Religious Youth Service Project Kathmandu, Nepal
2003 – Inter-religious Sports Festival (Int’l Staff) Chongnam, Korea
2003 – Peace of Mind International Spiritual Program, Mount Abu, India
2004 – International Peace Summit
(Parliament of World Religion)

& Global Peace Works New Delhi, India
2004 – Seminar on Peace (participant) Singapore
2004 – Inter-religious Peace Sports Festival (staff) Asan, Korea
2004 – World Congress 2004 Seoul, Korea
2004 – Tibetan Buddhist Annual Symposium Hyatt Regency, Nepal
2004 – Art of Living (Satsang) International Conference
Kathmandu, Nepal

2005 – World Buddhist Summit (Coordinator) Lumbini, Nepal
2005 – International Sports Festival (Int’l Staff) South Korea
2006 – International Sport festival ( Int’l Staff) Asan South Korea
2007 – International Service Project Bangladesh
2007 – International Youth Conference Manila Phillipines
2007 – Interfaith Peace Sport Festival Chonan, South Korea
2007 – United Religious Initiatives-General Assembly Culcutta, India
2008 – International Leadership Conference Kathmandu
2009 – Asian Leaders Training Program Pokhara
2009 – International Leadership Conference Thailand
2010 – Middle East Peace Initiatives (MEPI) Israel
2010 – International Peace Summit New Delhi
2011 – International Volunteer Service Project Gorkha, Nepal
2012 – International Conference Sikkim, India
2013 – Service Project New Delhi
2013 – Service Project Multan, Pakistan
2013 – International Service Project Dubai
2013 – International Symposium Nepal
2013 – International Leadership Conference Bangkok, Thailand
2015 – International Peace Conference Vietnam
2015 – International Leadership Conference


2015 – Theological Seminar International Bangladesh
2015 – Staff Meeting Malaysia
2016 – International Service Project Bangladesh
2016 – International Peace Conference Pakistan
2016 – ILC Thailand
2017 – Interfaith Youth Seminar Banglasdesh
2017 – Global Youth Conference Malaysia
2017 – International Leadership Conference South Korea
2017 – Interreligious Leadership Conference Korea
2018 – World Buddhist Peace Conference Award Sweden
2018 – RYS –Russia Russia
2018 – WARP Summit Korea
2018 Peace Road China
2018 International Youth Service Project Bali Indonesia
2018 Youth Project Meeting Youth Council Singapore
2018 Global Entrepreneurship Nepal
2018 Asia Pacific Summit Nepal
2019 Preparatory Meeting IYS KL, Malaysia
2019 Preparatory Meeting IYS Dubai and Qatar
2019 Global Peace Summit ( HWPL Sydney,Australia
2019 Civil Society Training Program Yagon, Myanmar
2019 United Nations Global Platform for Disaster

Risk Reduction Conference Geneva, Switzerland

2019 United Nation World Peace Association Hokkaido, Japan
2019 World Peace Conference (World Peace Award) Sweden
2019 Asia Africa Youth Festival Beijing China
2019 Asia Pacific Summit Cambodia
2020 International Buddhist Conference India
2020 Global Earth Summit Melbourne
2020 Executive Meeting UNWPA Japan
2020 World Summit 2020 South Korea

  1. Other Skills
    o Global Youth Event Management
    o Basic Computer Skill (MS Word/MS Excel/ Power point, email, internet).
    o Communication and Interfaith Expert )
  2. Language

 English, Nepali, Newari, Hindi, Sinhalese & Chinese

  1. Name of References
  2. Dr. Milan Ratna Shakya
    Head, Buddhist Department TU
    Contact No: 9851016635
  3. Hon. Ek Nath Dhakal
    Former, Minister of Peace & Reconciliation Government of Nepal
    Contact No: 9851030248


Dr. Piya Ratna Maharjan is a Social,
Community Development and
Humanitarian Worker based in


 Doctorate Degree in Social Works from International Peace
University – Germany in 2018


Kathmandu Nepal. He has an
extensive experienced on youth
development and international affairs.
He is well recognized at both local
and global at glance with having high
level connection back home country.
He focuses on bringing the voice of
young people on advocacies such as
Peace-Building, Social, Community
and Youth development in various
International fora, conferences, and
World bodies, such as World
Economic Forum, World
Humanitarian Forum, United Nations
Office for Disaster Risk Reduction
(UNISDR), UN Women, Men Engage,
UNWPA Nepal, Parliament of World
Religions, United Religious Initiatives,
Global Youth Summit, Africa UN
Summit among others.

977:986078433, 9808530779
More than 67 countries

 Honorary Doctorate from The Institute of the European Roma
Studies Humanities & International Law: Belgrade
 Honorary Doctorate from International Organization for Peace
and Securities, Morocco.
 B. A. Honors Degree, Buddhist and Pali University of Sri Lanka

He also founded Metta Center orphanage school and serving there for
twenty years for the total development of the orphan children. He is
currently serving as the International President – International Youth
Society and Track Nepal an international youth alliance with more
than121 countries global network, focusing on Humanitarian, Relief,
Social Service Works at global level. He also works on SDGs UNITE
2030 of UN, localization of social, economic, climate change and
environmental campaigns.
As a global citizen he has given various tasks and honorary status and
involved with the following organizations:
 Secretary General of International Buddhist Education Center –
Nepal Chapter (IBEC) with Headquarters in Myanmar and
 United National World Peace Association: Japan (Nepal Chapter
 Global Peace Maker: Humanitarian and International Peace
 Country Representative Abhigyane Foundation
 President of the International Commission of Nepal IOPSH
 Amb Tripla Difesa Onlus : Italy

Stockholm World Peace Prize 2019, Stockholm Peace City Hall, Sweden
International Executive Appointment from Tripla Diesa Onlus, Italy
World Humanitarian Awards: Thailand & Sanghakaya Foundation India
Country Director of Peace & Humanity: Mahatma Gandhi Foundation
International Peace Ambassador: New World Order Organization

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