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Delegazione della Repubblica dell’India

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Sovereign Ambassador


* 2013, Ph.D, Humanity with all rights, privileges’ and immunities, from Academy of Universal Global Peace, India.

* 2006, Ph.D, Bus Admin Summa cum Laude-with greatest distinction, The Regent University of Devon, England

* 2005, Master of Business Admin (MBA) Personnel/HR, Newport University USA at its South Asia Chapter, Bangalore-India

* 2003, Fellow Social Work, International Benevolent Research Forum

* 1999, Fellow Graduate, United Writers Association of India.

* 1985, DOMH, DOMMH, DOSH Diplomas in Homeopathy, Premier Homeopathy College, Chandigarh-India

* 1970, Pre-University Examination, Punjab University-India

* 1969, Matriculation Examination, Punjab University-India



* Excellence Training Institute, as “Special Guest of Honor” – 2015

* Recipient of SPMUDA “International Service Award” – 2012

* Recipient of SPMUDA “Leadership Award” – 2012

* Recipient of SPMUDA “Humanitarian Medal Award” -2012

* American Biographical Institute-USA, “Gold Medal for India” – 2008

* Indian Astrological Research Institute, “Gold Medal”- 2007, Presented by Manohar Joshi, Hon. Minister of Human Resources, India.

* Indo British Friendship Society, “Glory of India Award” – 2006, Presented by Rt. Hon. Lord Bhikhu Parekh at Crown Plaza, London-UK.

* International Institute of Success Awareness-India, “Pride of India Award” – 2006

* International Publishing House-India, “Best Citizen of India Award” in the year of 2006

* National Awareness Forum-India, “National Excellence Award”-2004 Presented by Vasant Sathe, Vetern Pol. Leader of National Congress.

* International Research Foundation-India, “Gold Medal” – 2002

* International Publishing House, “Best Citizen of India Award” -1999

* Management Studies Institute of India,

“Outstanding Personality Award with Gold Medal” – 1998; in a Seminar at Parliamentarian Constitution Club, New Delhi.

* Forum for 21st Century Development of India, “21st Century Excellence Award” – 1997; Presented by Capt. JNP Nishad, Hon. Minister of Non-conventional Energy Sources India.

* Hind Sangram Parishad, Indian NGO, “Hind Sangram Smajsevi Award” – 1996

* National Unity Conference India, “Indira Gandhi Priyadarshni Award” – 1994; Presented by Shri R. L. Bhatia, Hon. Minister of Foreign External Affairs India.

* National Economic Forum of India, “Rashtriya Udyog Award” – 1994; Presented by Shivraj Patil, Hon. Speaker of Lok Sabha, Parliament of India.

* All India Achievers Conference, “Gem of India Award” – 1994; Presented by P.M. Saiyad, Hon. Union Minister of Home Affairs India.

* International Benevolent Council, “International Business Acumen Award” – 1993; Presented by Krishan Kumar, Hon. Minister of Non-conventional Energy Sources and Agriculture, Government of India.


Represented India in the “WORLD SUMMIT ON PEACE & HUMAN

RIGHTS” – 2013 in Islamabad, Pakistan. Images in PDF attached.

Participated EIT WHF UN Event at Biarritz in France-EU,


Accredited and Certified Official Observer Ambassador to Monitor

National Elections, Certificate No. 666, issued by Central Election

Commission Ukraine, Order No. 1714, dated 13-10-2014;


Served Indian Army in the Corps of Military Police-highly disciplined

corps of Indian Army, 13-12-1965 to 31-12-1980.


President Haryana State Unit of Rajiv Gandhi Congress, 1996-1997 ,

Coordinator Steering Committee Haryana State Unit Nationalist

Congress Party (NCP) India, He was given opportunity by the party

to contest Parliament Election-1999 in Kurukshetra Parliamentary

constituency, Images in PDF attached.

National President of Hind Sangram Parishad, 2001-2003


Honorary member of “International Diplomatic Institute-IDI, Roma

Honorary member of Global Unification International Advisory Commission for International Affairs.

Honorary member of SPMUDA International Organization, Philippines for Peace


Travelled extensively in Europe, Australia, England and Asia.


Married Veena in 1993; they are blessed with one son

Honey Ravish, Engineer

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